Industrial PC panels with buttons and movable arm

NODKA - výrobce průmyslových počítačů, PC panelů a monitorůNODKA Industrial Operation Panel combines the swing arm control box with industrial computer system and display, and in more compact, highly-integrated
and stylish design. Widely used in all kinds of machine tools, automobile manufacturing, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical machinery and other
automatic equipment, testing equipment and human-computer interaction equipment.

Industrial Operation Panels are available either with a touch screen monitor (IDP59 series) or with additional PC system (ICP68 series), with projected
capacitive touch screens are available in sizes ranging from 15" to 21.5” and offer full IP65 protection. Buttons, selector switches, key switches and an
integrated E-stop button provide exceptional user comfort.

ICP68 series support NODKA COMLAC INSIDE design, option a variety of CPU options, just like J1900, 4205U and i5-7200U. Interfaces option 2 Intel gigabit RJ45 ports, 4 USB and 2 RS232/485 ports.

Operátorské panely NODKA na pohyblivém rameni

To adapt optimally to the requests from different application, button panel can be individually customized. The list of possible adaptations endless, including virtually any arrangement of standard keys, illuminated ring keys and push buttons in various colors, a custom keypad module is also available.

NODKA Industrial Operation Panels support both pendant and pedestal mounting, the panels are designed to allow easy access to all buttons and cables.

Operator PC panels NODKA ICP69 series - touch monitors with built-in computer

Operátorské panely NODKA řady ICP69

NODKA IDP59 series operator panels - touch monitors only