Sale and repair of SIEMENS OP/HMI parts - Condition - Refurbished (R)

Repair and sale of parts SIEMENS HMI operator panels.
We repair broken screen, broken touch, squeezed and broken keyboard, damaged foil ...

  • SIEMENS SIMATIC OP3, OP5, OP7, OP15, OP17, OP25, OP27, OP30, OP35, OP37, OP45, OP47, OP73, OP77
  • SIEMENS SIMATIC TP170 touch panel, TP177A, application TP270, TP277
  • SIEMENS SIMATIC Multi Panel MP270, MP277, OP270, OP277, MP370, MP377
  • and other HMI operator panels
  • Repair fixed price that you know in advance
  • Correction + preventive replacement of key functional components
  • Corrections in exchange for the cost of repair
  • Repairs to 4-5 weeks
  • Emphasis on proper testing under load
  • Free pick-up parts for repair

Repair SIEMENS SIMATIC HMI panels, Foxon Ltd.