Testers for PROFINET industrial network diagnostics

PNT-PN TOOL - jedinečný analyzátor a tester sítě a komunikace PROFINETPNT-PN TOOL - jedinečný analyzátor a tester sítě a komunikace PROFINET

PNT PROFINET Tool software tester

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PC network analyzer PROFINET for on-the-go diagnostics. Includes tools for active and passive network test. It supports comprehensive…

How to use PROFINET network testers correctly?

Carrying out successful PROFINET network diagnostics can be a challenge – we know that from our own experience. FOXON has been involved with PROFINET diagnostics, repairs and commissioning since 2010. Our portfolio includes testers for active as well as passive PROFINET diagnostics. We have extensive experience working with these testers. Sign up for one of our PROFINET training courses to learn how to use them. We'll be happy to share our expertise with you. For more information on PROFINET network basics training, diagnostics and repair, click HERE.

Which switch for PROFINET networks?

Which switch for PROFINET networks?

Is it advisable to use cheap unmanageable switches for a few crowns or is it worth paying extra and buying manageable switches? Should I save money on buying switches for the production line or should I buy a quality PROFINET switch?