ComBricks sets for permanent monitoring of PROFIBUS networks

ComBricks – permanent PROFIBUS Diagnostics via Ethernet

ComBricks – permanent PROFIBUS Diagnostics via Ethernet

ComBricks is a unique solution that features user-friendly remote monitoring of PROFIBUS networks and thus provides you with an overview of their health. As part of prevention, ComBricks will alert you by email if any of these problems occur on your PROFIBUS network – repeats, lost stations, slaves requesting diagnostics, etc. All problems are saved to the internal memory and can then be reviewed via a web browser.

ComBricks doesn't require any special software installations on your PC. You only need to type your ComBricks' IP address into a web browser.

Pocket VS permanent PROFIBUS diagnostics

If you are in charge of several PROFIBUS networks and want to check their quality from time to time or troubleshoot problems that have already occurred in a particular PROFIBUS network, the ProfiTrace2 tester is a great tool for you. You connect to the PROFIBUS network and measure signal qualities, voltages, communication errors, presence of interference, etc. When the measurement is complete, you create a report and disconnect again. The tester can be left connected to the PROFIBUS network for longer periods of time, but requires a laptop to which it is connected via the USB port.

If you operate a PROFIBUS line that is critical to you and an unplanned failure of the PROFIBUS network is not desirable, then get permanent diagnostics via the ComBricks solution. You connect the device to the DIN rail, connect it to the PROFIBUS network, without the need to assign an address or change the PLC program. From the first moment of connection, the tester measures the PROFIBUS network 24/7 and provides comprehensive overviews of the network quality in clear tools. It alerts you in time to the first undesirable event such as lost stations, lost packets, corrupted messages, voltage drops, interference, etc.